How to Increase Hot Water Pressure

Life and problems are like a double side of a coin. That means we can easily face a problem in our everyday life. But there has not only problems but also has its solution. We have to find out the main reason behind the problems and our main duty is to solve is perfect. So, we can say that solution is the last step and the first step is to find the problem. We know there are so many problems and we have to solve it step by step but there is a serious problem which we have to solve it as soon as possible by identifying the reason behind it and that is a hot water pressure problem.

Pressure meter

Pressure meter

We use water in every single work of our life. We can say that water is life. But as we use water for different purposes, we use a different type of water like hot and cold. As we like comfort we want the water in our desirable way. We want it at the right volume and pressure. But sometimes water pipes do not supply us water as our proper demand. There lie many reasons behind it. To solve this problem we have to find then, so, first of all, let’s discuss it:

To know the problem of a plumbing line at first we have to know the equipment of it and its quality. The main part of a hot water plumbing system are:

Entrance line(pipe) to tank:

To get water we have to collect water. The collect line provides us the water and reserves it into the tank. This pipeline is wider than any other line of the tank. It pours the normal water and saves it for the future.


To fulfill our desire. we have to convert the normal water to hot we have to use a water heater to the tank which heats the types of equipment and components of water and water get hot. The heater contains different types of equipment for completing this process. And this process is very critical to complete.

Exist line(pipes) of water:

After heating the water when we demand water the water comes through these lines. These pipelines are less wider than the first one cause we need less water this time.


To rise or decrease the water flow level we use some valve in the pipelines and every valve is used for every specific reason.

Faucet :

The last destination of our water is the faucets and we get the water when we open the faucets. Faucets are also capable of increase or decrease the water flow.


Despite the plumbing system we have to know the quality of this equipment. Such as:

Quality of pipelines:

Pipelines are the most important part of the water supply system. Because water transfers through the pipelines and if they are bad it will leak and will create a mess which is not good for the supply system also not good for the house along with our lifestyle.

Quality of valves:

If valves are the low-quality one it will damage quickly because of heat and lick the water. Then the pipe will lose its control over water.

Quality of faucets:

Faucets are the existing line of this plumbing system. It controls the wave of water as our demand. If it is used of low quality, it will be damaged soon or get stuck which will affect the flow of water.

Now, let’s know the reasons behind the low pressure of hot water:

1) The very first and important reason is density. We know that hot water is not stable so its density is not good enough for which water passes naturally slowly. And it is a natural reason which can be solved. The components of hot water are so much bouncy that is why the components hit the wall off the pipes and its motion gets slow.

2) The second reason behind it is the blockage of pipes. We know hot water can easily contain sediment, rust and many other components then leave them to the pipeline. After a certain time, the lines become clogged and water can not be able to pass and the flow becomes slow. Again though the water is clear, it will clog the pipeline because hot water reduces water elements like calcium and these elements clogged the pipeline for which we face the problem. The blockage of the pipeline is a common problem in the case of hot water.

3)The bending of the pipe is also a reason for the low flow of hot water. The mainline supplies the water in the whole house and the main lines are divided into so many branches and they spread like a net in the whole house. To supply waters all over the house, we have to bend the pipelines as our desire. These bends reduce the velocity of water and we get low pressure.

4) We mentioned it first that valves on the pipelines control the water flow. If the valves are malfunctioned water flow will affect seriously and sometimes water supply will be stopped.

5) We know that in some cases there exists a regulator which is called water pressure regulator and it regulates the pressure of water and supplies us the perfect amount of water. But hot water sometimes damaged the regulator and the control over the water get wrong and it causes pressure problem.

6) The width of the pipelines is also an important reason for this problem. We know there exist two types of water supply lines; one for the tank and another for the supply. If the water supply line is larger than the collecting lines of water, there cause a serious problem like: the supply line will get a low amount of water as its area is bigger than that, then the vacant space will cover by air. This air block the pipelines and water pressure gets dropped. Again if the opposite option happened then the supply line will be unable to pass the whole water and water will block the line itself sometimes it causes the leakage of water.

7) There is another major reason and that is the configuration of the pipelines. If the components of pipelines were designed in the wrong way it will create a huge mess that is unthinkable. It is the work of a clever person that first finds and observes the reason for problems and then solves it perfectly. After doing the discussion above now we know the reasons behind the hot water pressure problem. So now it is easy for us to realize the solution to the problem to reduce low hot water pressure. And the solution to the problem is given below:


Now we are very clear about it that there are two types of reasons for which we fall into this problem. One is natural and another is technical. So first of all let’s discuss the natural reasons which are not solvable but reducible. The density problem is one of these natural problems. We can not be able to make high-density hot water. Hot water is bouncy if bounce gets reduce density will become more but less bouncy water gets cold and it’s beyond our desire. So we can’t change the actual density of hot water. But we can reduce it by using the pipes of more areas. If the area is big water will pass more and the problem will reduce and also we can get our desirable water at our desirable flow.

Another reason behind this is getting the pipeline old. Everything on earth is disposable, some get it fast some dispose of slowly. And the components used on plumbing lines are also the same. Now or then they become old and worn out. Then their capacity becomes worse and then the problem arises. In this case, we have to change the problematic lines or elements with the new one and will be able to get the normal service.

The last but not the least natural reason is the capacity of the components of plumbing lines. Nothing on earth can serve its 100%. So their capacity will get slow then the problem arises. For this purpose, we have to use good quality plumbing components to eradicate this problem. Now come to the points of technical problems. If we become conscious we can solve them easily. And some example is given below:

1) When we make the blueprint of the plumbing line we have to keep in mind that bends are a reason for this problem. So we have to eradicate the bends a much as we can. Copper water type accordion in the water system is a reason also, so we have to use a fruitful one as a result water pressure can not be able to get dropped.

2) After a certain time of using, when the pipes are got clogged we can reduce this in two ways: One is to change the pipelines which are clogged. And another one is to wash the clog elements if the condition of the clogged pipes is not serious. We can pass high-pressure cold water through the pipelines. The high pressure of water will eradicate or reduce or clean out the components which are stuck to the pipes and defeat the water for passing. After cleaning them the pipelines become the new one.

4) We have to use the valve is the correct way and check it after a regular period. Because hot water damages the valve or unintentionally they can be stopped. So, if we check it regularly this problem will never come to us because of this silly reason.

5) We have to check the water regulator and change it after a certain period.

6) We have to keep in mind that the size, area, and width of pipes lines for entering and outing will become the same.

7) We have to configure the whole pipeline perfectly. If the configuration is perfect half of the problem will solve at that time. So it is obvious to take care and be serious about this configuration system. Good quality types of equipment give us a good life. And it is a proper fact. If our all problems get solved since there will be a chance to face this problem. Because of using bad quality stuff to the plumbing line. They will damage after an early time and will create a mess. So it is obvious to use good pipelines and stuffs like faucets, valves, etc. Otherwise, hot water will blow them us like its steam and create a huge mess. So, first of all, we have to select a good brand and then collect the stuff from them and use it to the plumbing line.

Our life is full of problems and to make our life easier we have to solve them. The low flow of hot water is a past of these problems. If we solve it cleverly this problem is nothing for us. When we will use good quality components for plumbing lines our problem will erase half and the rest of the problem will never defeat us if we become conscious and serious about them. Our realization power will help us in this case. It is not obvious that everybody will face this problem because of the same reason. Every house will face this with every different reason. But if we are aware of it, we can find the actual reason behind it and solve it as quickly as we can. Nothing is impossible, our realization and capability make them easy and at the end of our life we can be able to lead a problem-free life.

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