Hot water no pressure

In our everyday life, we need hot water. But hot water is needed as our desire at a perfect balance. Pressure makes this balance. But nowadays it is a common problem with hot water but no pressure in our house. To figure out this problem and its solution we have to know the plumbing system of our house and its types of equipment about it. So, in the beginning, let’s discuss the plumbing system of hot water pressure.

Plumbing System :

If we analyze the input and output line of the water supply system we can find out them:
1) Collecting (water to tank) pipeline
2) Supply (water from the tank) pipeline
3) Output line or point.

Now, let’s discuss the plumbing system and its types of equipment along with its problem and solution :

Collecting water line:

If a house needs water, they have to collect the water to their reserve tank. They have to fill the tank from the washer line. A pipe carries the water from there and pours the tank as its demand. The collecting line is placed on the top of the tank and this is a one-way pipeline. Id the tank is full the collecting line will close the water supply and water never go back through the pipeline. After collecting the water there comes the process of hitting the water and make it usable. In the tank, there situated a water heater which the components of the tank and water and heat the water. The main function inside the tank is a little bit critical because of this heater. Its process is sometimes criticized because of its complex structure. There situated a valve which controls the heat of the heater and makes the water hard. But if the valve is nit at the right speed it will heat the water at a high rate and the water will become bouncy. This bounce creates a mess in case of supplying water.

If the water becomes so much bouncy it can’t get enter the existing pipe and supply for us. That is why we get hot water without any pressure. Hot water with no pressure because of bounce is both a natural and technical issue because of its bounce and density. Again the water heater on the tank and its function also responsible for it. If the heater is malfunctioned then this problem will arise at a high rate. Because the heater will heat more water will bounce more. Which will lose control over the water and its supply system? Then we will get hot water without any pressure and will face the problem. To solve this problem we have to do some important steps in the cause of this issue:

First of all check, all valve placed on the heater. Valve will control half of the mess inside the tank.
Then we will have to look after the heater after a certain period.
After that, we will take proper care of the entering and exiting pipes which are related to the tank.
The tank is also an important part. We also look after the tank and find out its damage side ( try to) and take proper care of it. It is good for us to wash the tank regularly.

Collecting water line

Collecting water line

Water Supply System :

From the water tank to our room there is the only way to supply and that is the pipeline. Pipelines pass water from the tank to us and we get our desired amount of water. So the main element of this process is the pipelines. First of all, a main pipeline from the tank comes out and then it divided into some branches as the number of our rooms and sink along with faucets. Hot water passes through the lines and its the basic structure but to increase or decrease the pressure some use valve for controlling the water. Malfunction of the valve can be a reason for hot waters with no pressure. Sometimes these valves can get stopped. So we have to check the valve after certain use of time.

Again we have to make sure about the bends which help us to join the branches and can reach the pipeline in our desired destination. These bends decrease water pressure. Low-quality bend component can be able to stop the water pressure. In the case of hot water, this problem arises most of the time. As they are bouncy they lose their pressure in the bends and sometimes get stopped.

On the other hand pipelines with wrong and unplanned structure also a reason of no pressure of water. If the mainline is larger then the branch line it creates a mess because water pressure gets a lot and low water can pass and if continues repeatedly then water pressure will get large and water will block the pipe itself and leak will be the last situation. Again in the opposite situation, the delivery line is larger than the receiver line then air will block the extra space and the result will be the blockage of the pipeline and no pressure of hot water.

Again the pipe placement structure is good but after regular use, it can be clogged because of rust, sediment, and so on which a hot water bear with itself. This clogged pipes reduce the pressure and sometimes block the pipeline and hot water can not be able to pass.

To solve this we can change the pipeline or clean the pipes. The easy way to clean the pipes is to pour cold water with high pressure. This water will clean up the clogged elements with its flow and pipe will become free. Sometimes low-quality pipelines are got badly damaged then it is a good decision to change the pipe with a good one.

Make sure that the pipeline will belong to a good quality one. Otherwise, high heat will damage it as soon as possible
Again the water pressure sockets sometimes become hard which can not be able to clear the line and block the outer point of the pipe and water gets stuck which creates no pressure.
To solve this problem, first of all, we have to choose a good quality faucet with a good socket. But nowadays there are advanced technologies for which we can get advanced levels of faucets without any socket. But first of all, we have to collect or buy the faucet of good and real material then use it to the pipelines the last point. Good quality stuff helps us to lead a good life. Then we have to clean them after a certain period. We have to manage good maintenance for them and place the faucets in the right position which will also help us to get us high pressure on hot water.
Again we have to ignore the rubber valves which sometimes affect the pressure of water.

Besides this problem and solution, we have to keep in mind the quality of these pieces of equipment. Such as:
1) A good quality tank can handle a tough situation and modify itself wisely and can be able to heat the water perfectly as our demand without bumping.

2) A good valve will damage hardly and help to control the line along with water pressure gently without creating any mess.

3) The pipes of better quality will never be lick soon. It will be able to endure high heat and pressure without creating any problem.

4) At last, we know good faucets can deliver the whole process gently without any hesitation if they are good.

So it is obvious that we have to use good quality stuff for gaining good experience. Remember that good stuff always do good for us.
We know that hot water pressure can be affected in two ways. One is for natural and another is for technical. We discussed the technical issues now let’s fall the light on natural issues that are not cured able but reducible.

The first and foremost reason for no water pressure is water bumping. When the water goes heated it started bumping. This behaves less the density of water and it can pass through the line, not at a high rate. In fact when this bumping gets worst pipes fail to supply water to us. This is a natural Problem. If we want to stop this water will become cold and we will not be able to get the water in our desirable way. So, solve this issue is near to impossible. But we can take some steps to reduce this problem.

First of all, we can enlarge the area of the pipe. We know that the pressure of water depends on the area of pipe and water density. Hot water density is low by nature and it is not possible to higher its density. So we have to enlarge the pipeline area. But we have to enlarge it by keeping pace with other pipelines. The pipe of a big area can deliver a high amount of water and we can be able to get water at our desirable demand. In this case, water can bump and we can get water at a higher amount.

Bends reduce water pressure at a high amount. But to pass the water at our needed place we have to use bends in the plumbing lines. But it is also noticeable that bends will affect the water pressure. We can not get rid of this bending. So we have to take a wise step and that is to try to keep the bend in a minimum amount. Less bend will less affect the line. We have to start this from the beginning and make a proper plan on it. Reducing extra bend is a wise step to reduce low water pressure.

Now, sometimes a wise but extra step can help us to solve our problem. We know that hot water reduces many elements to the pipe and clogged them. It is quite impossible to stop clogging. But we can delay the time of the clog. For this, we have to use a water filter at the beginning of the pipelines. This filter will clear the rust and sediment along with water components like calcium. As there are fewer extra elements there will be fewer clog of pipes. So, nowadays it is a wise step to get rid of this problem for a long time by using a filter. We have to clean the filter after a certain period.
We have to solve the problem which we are described above. Both technical and natural issues create problems in the plumbing lines and we felt the problem of no pressure of water which is like a curse for us.

So, at last, we can say that our consciousness about this problem and our wise step can easily help us to get rid of this problem. We know nothing on earth is perfect, we have to make them perfect with our wisdom. The equipment of plumbing lines is probably good but it is not obvious that they will be perfect. We have to use good equipment and material to avoid this problem. A faucet without the water pressure is of no use. So, we have solved this for our betterment. Again everyone does not feel the problem for the same reason. So, it is a wise decision to find out the actual reason and solve it quickly. A perfect time decision will help to save us from any mess. Wish all of you a problem-free life. Stay blessed.

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